【SIU Vision】您捐1, 我捐1 : SIU免浸有機紅米 36kg You donate 1, I donate 1 Soak Free Organic Red Rice

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Title | 您捐一, 我捐一 惜食堂 Food Angel

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購買禮物,社會企業 代您送給弱勢社群!

Purchase from this collection and designated social enterprise will donate the products to the underprivileged on behalf of you!

SIU免浸有機紅米 : 免浸, 免溝米省時健康! 直接放入電飯煲即煮即食,煮出一碗美味健康红米飯.

不用浸, 容易消化又好味! 適合瘦身、患有糖尿病及貧血的人!

您捐1,我捐1: HK$1000/36公斤, 原價 HK$1000/18公斤

捐贈: 18kg * 40包 =36公斤

受益群體: 惜食堂長者、或您建議的捐贈的社企或NGO.



1. 惜食堂 : 「停止浪費、 解決飢餓、以愛相連」

2. 您建議的捐贈的社企或NGO.

*在2023 年 4 月30之前送您選擇以上 2 個之1的NGO或社企*

SIU免浸有機紅米使用有機耕作, 自然水源,

無化學, 無污染, 無添加, 美味健康.

SIU Vision 是一家推動公平貿易理念,生態保育的高品質健康食品社企. 

SIU Vision 連續3年獲香港公平貿易聯盟嘉許"公平企業銀賞"                    



SIU Soak Free Organic Red Rice: Save time & Healthy!               

With SIU Soak Free Organic Red Rice, you can prepare rice quickly without a long soaking time.                

Soak Free Red Rice does not need to soak & easy to digest, good for a person who keep fit, with diabetes or anemia.

You donate 1, I donate 1: $1,000/36kg, Original Price $1,000/18kg

Donation: 18kg * 2 = 36kg

You can choose to give to the following two charities:

1. Food Angel : "Waste Not, Hunger Not, With Love"

2. Your suggested Social Enterprise or NGO

SIU Vision is a social enterprise promotes healthy food to support Fair Trade.

SIU Vision is awarded by Fair Trade Hong Kong with Fair Trade Corporate Silver award in 3 consecutive years.   

SIU rice is Caring:         
SIU bought rice from Cambodian farmers at a fair price to let them earn their living with dignity, and have a better chance to move out of poverty.

 *SIU 捐贈米類型基於生態保育米, 如以上產品因任何原因缺貨,將會替換為其他SIU米產品取代而不作另行通知,敬請見諒。SIU Wildlife Friendly Jasmine rice will be donated primarily, If the above products are out of stock for any reason, it will be replaced by other SIU rice products without prior notice.