【Grow Something】加樂泥有機堆肥 MixO'Plus Organic Compost

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Product Description:

  • Research and development by local university

  • 100% local recycled organic resources

  • Local production, low-carbon choice

  • The only organic compost produced by local food wastes on the “List of Approved Material” under HKORC-Cert

  • Increase the content of organic matter in the soil and the activity of beneficial microorganisms

  • Increase soil fertility, improve soil structure, adjust pH, and enhance plant growth


  • Suitable for soil cultivation methods such as nursery planting, potted planting, growing fruit trees, farmland, gardening and greening

  • Suggested mixing ratio (1:5): 1 part of MixO' Plus mixed with 5 parts of soil

  • Increase application rate according to prevailing soil conditions

Volume: 5L


  • 本地大學研製配方及生產程序

  • 100%採用本地回收有機資源

  • 本地生產,低碳種植之選

  • 全港唯一通過有機作物檢閱的環保廚餘堆肥

  • 提高土壤中有機質的含量和有益微生物的活性

  • 增加泥土的肥沃度、改善土壤結構、調節酸鹼度,令植物健康生長


  • 適合用於培苗、盆栽、果樹、農田及園藝綠化等土種方式

  • 建議混合比例 (1:5):1 份加樂泥混入 5 份泥土中

  • 可視乎土壤貧瘠程度,增加用量,以改善土壤質素