【Ways Out Hong Kong】〈I Love〉 (Green - Zucchini Peels) 《PerceiveBracelets》

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Allow your spirit to soar, and that magnificent healing energy will transport you to new heights. The Jade colored bead gifted from the Zucchini peel shine with the various shades of green representing the shades of hope. This bracelet is exquisitely designed to guide your serene mind to the most incredible heights of exuberance.


Daily affirmation: “I love and appreciate myself as I am.” As your spiritual center, It represents love, acceptance, and compassion, allowing you to form loving connections.


Bead shape: pyramid cube 

Bead sizes: 0.9cm x 0.9cm x 0.9cm (small)

Wrist size: Adjustable (max 23.3cm)

String material: Wire


What's special about 

- All jewelry is handcrafted by Mother's Choice's beneficiaries, aka #MarvelMami with the goal of "sustainable lifestyles for all"
- Upcycled out of dragon fruit peels, carrot peels, orange peels, zucchini peels, butterfly pea, and eggplant peels
- #MadeInHongKong
- All pacakaging is made out of recycled materials
- We use Bio-epoxy derived from vegan waste as the base material

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