【Ways Out Hong Kong】〈I am〉 (Red - Dragon Fruit Peels) 《PerceiveBracelets》

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Strength and growth come through continuous effort and struggle. Our unique fiery red bracelet preserved from the rocket-like dragon fruit peel comes with the magnificent properties of Garnet promotes integrity and self-confidence. It will light your way on the path of self-recognition. Your guiding path is already there; this mighty charm handcrafted by the our #MarvelMami is here to be your companion on this journey. 


Daily affirmation: I am grounded and stable. Symbolizes the root of your being and the connection with the earth, environment, and the body.



Bead shape: pyramid cube 

Bead sizes: 0.9cm x 0.9cm x 0.9cm (small)

Wrist size: Adjustable (max 23.3cm)

String material: Wire


What's special about

- All jewelry is handcrafted by Mother's Choice's beneficiaries, aka #MarvelMami with the goal of "sustainable lifestyles for all"
- Upcycled out of dragon fruit peels, carrot peels, orange peels, zucchini peels, butterfly pea, and eggplant peels
- #MadeInHongKong
- All pacakaging is made out of recycled materials
- We use Bio-epoxy derived from vegan waste as the base material

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